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Q: How Do I Contact You?

A: You may contact us by email PureLoveCo@gmail.com by telephone 916-905-3135 call/text or the 'Contact Us' tab on the website.

Q: What is Remy Hair?

A: Remy is a term used to describe hair extensions where the hairs all point in one direction: roots at the top, ends at the bottom. It is the natural way that hairs flow on your head and, therefore, is much less likely to become matted or tangled. Lately, due to overuse of the term, many shoppers incorrectly associate this word with hair extensions as a whole. Remy is not a brand, it isn’t a company; it’s an adjective, a word used to give more information about the type of hair you’re purchasing. Since the term, Remy, is everywhere in the hair universe and on almost every package of hair, (even those that aren’t truly Remy) customers have a hard time knowing what to believe.

Here are a couple of things to pay attention to if you’re looking for true Remy hair.

1. Remy hair will be more expensive than the alternative. If you see a package of hair that is labeled Remy, yet is priced at ten bucks, it’s not Remy.

2. Run your fingers through the hair, it should be smooth and soft. Your fingers should glide through any strands that aren’t hanging straight with no problems. If your fingers get caught on a section of hair and you can’t wiggle your way to the end, it’s likely not Remy.

3. Also, if it’s not dyed, the ends should be lighter than the hair at the top of the weft when placed in good lighting. Remember these things and you’ll be a Remy expert in no time! Now, don’t confuse or align the terms Remy and Virgin. These are two very different descriptions. You can have hair that is Remy, but not virgin and vice versa. Virgin hair is simply hair that hasn’t been chemically processed. You can chemically process Remy hair and it’s still Remy, but no longer virgin. A great example of this is when hair is processed for color.

Q: What is Virgin Hair?

A: Virgin hair is hair that hasn’t been chemically treated. It is usually found in a natural brown color and will likely have many gray strands. Once hair has been colored, it is no longer considered virgin, so please keep this in mind when purchasing.

Q: Can I get Virgin Hair in any color other than natural?

A: No. Virgin hair can only be supplied in its natural color. These hues may vary, but are usually a medium brown color. For best results, professional coloring is suggested when dying your virgin hair. We also provide professionally dyed wefts in the commonly requested colors to save you time and money.

Q: How can I prove this is real hair?

 A: To check any hair for authenticity, pull a few strands from the weft and burn it. If it has a strong smell, you know it is not synthetic. If it burns white smoke, it is not synthetic. After burning it, the hair should fall from the strand just by touching it. If it creates a sticky ball on the end of the strand and creates black smoke, it is synthetic.

Q: Why does my Virgin Hair have a few grey hairs in it?

A: Virgin hair is completely unprocessed, so you will find that they have more grey hairs than their dyed counterparts. This is completely normal.

Q: When will I receive my hair?

A: You should receive your hair within 3 to 10 days of your order.

Q: What’s the difference between your hair and the hair at my local beauty supply store?

A: Our hair is of much higher quality than the average beauty supply brand. You have the option of ordering our hair in a virgin state, an option you will not find at the beauty supply store. Virgin hair is in a pure form, directly from the donor’s head to the weft or wig you are receiving.

Q: Is your price less than the competitors because your quality is not as good?

A: Absolutely Not! Our hair is direct from the source and the purest grade of virgin hair you can buy. Our prices reflect the removal of the costly middle man, not the absence of quality. What you’re paying for is great hair, nothing more.

Q: Do you offer wholesale?

A: YES. Please check the wholesale link for more information. 

Q: Where does your hair come from?

A: Some of our hair is collected from devotees who donate their hair to the temple for religious purposes. This hair is sold by the temples to raise money for charities and community improvements. Other products are purchased from individuals who grow and sell their hair for profit. Once acquired, all hair is cleansed, placed on a weft and packaged for sale.

Q: How many bundles do I need?

A: Our hair is measured by weight; each bundle is approximately 3.5 oz to 4 oz. You will need 2-3 bundles, depending on how full you’d like your style to be. For 16″ and above, we recommend purchasing 3 bundles of hair, some women choose to use 4 bundles after 24".

Q: Why is my curly hair shorter than the advertised length?

A: Curly and wavy hair is measured while pulled straight. Please keep this in mind when ordering these textures; a good rule of thumb is to add 4-5″ to your desired length for tight curls and 2-3″ for wavy textures. Also, curly & wavy patterns may vary slightly.

Q: I Noticed your Banner said Earn $15 for referrals, how do I get paid?

A: Simple! You and all your friends love wearing luxury hair... Why not refer a friend, have her put your name in the note section while she's checking out, then BAM! $15 wired to your preferred method of payment. 10 in a week is a quick $150! But what's even better is every time she purchases you'll get another $15 just because you referred her. Does your local Beauty Supply Store pay you for referrals?